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  • 19 de mayo de 2010

    Billion Unveils Smart Grid, Energy Management, and Cyber Security Solutions for a Green Planet

    -- Smart metering, data collection and transmission for AMI backbone:
    Billion SG5021: AMI BPL Medium-Voltage Node
    Billion SG5011: AMI BPL Low-Voltage concentrator
    Billion SG5000: AMI BPL AMI Module for Smart Meters
    Billion SG5001: AMI BPL Converter for outdoor GPON SFU (Single Family
    -- Energy management for Home Area Networks
    Billion SG2095: BPL Ethernet Adapter with Power On/Off Remote Control
    Billion SG2096: BPL Ethernet Adapter with Smart Power Meter
    Billion SG6410: ZigBee ADSL2+ VPN Gateway
    Billion SG3010: ZigBee Power Meter
    -- Pre-paid metering, power monitoring and control for I&C networks
    Billion SG3150: Pre-paid Smart Meter and Smart Card Reader
    Billion SG3140: Web-based mini-SCADA
    Billion SG3130: Smart Power Meter
    Billion SG3120: Clip-on CT Power Meter
    Billion SG3110: Compact Power Meter
    -- Substation grade Cyber Security solutions for utility networks
    Billion SG-Central: Cyber Security Management System
    Billion SG-Platform series: Unified Threat Management System

    About BILLION

    Billion Electric Co., Ltd. (Taiex: 3027), founded in Taiwan in 1973, has grown to be one of the leading providers of network equipment and power products in Asia Pacific. Since March 2009, Billion has added investment in R&D and manufacturing of Smart Grid business. Please contact us for Contract Manufacturing and OEM/ODM services. For more information, please visit http://www.billion.com.tw or http://www.smartgrid.com.tw

    Sales contacts: smartgrid@billion.com

    Media contacts: press@billion.com

    Belen Wu, +886-2-29145665 ext. 215, press@billion.com for Billion Electric Co. Ltd.