21 de mayo de 2019
28 de febrero de 2008

Prime Minister Badawi Warns Malaysian Voters Not To Put The Economy At Risk

-- Malaysia's national wealth is up, with GDP growing by 18% since 2004
-- International trade is up, with growth of 26%
-- Household incomes are up, by 11%;
-- The number of jobs in the economy is up, by over a million;
-- The budget deficit is down, from 5% of GDP in 2003 to 3.2% in 2007.

Mr. Badawi is keen to show that his proven leadership and experience on the economy means with a renewed mandate his government can deliver even greater economic progress in the future. New pledges on the economy, made by Mr. Badawi's governing coalition, include commitments to:


-- Raise Malaysia's productivity, income and competitiveness;

-- Ensure quality living standards for the Malaysian people;

-- Strengthen the private sector's role as the main driver of economic


-- Support 1 million enterprises and entrepreneurs over 5 years;

-- Generate at least 2 million quality job opportunities over 5 years;

-- Further reduce the budget deficit without increasing taxes.

-- Eradicate already low poverty levels in rural areas


Prime Minister Badawi will be spending Thursday in his home state of Penang before leaving for the north eastern state of Kelantan, which is currently governed by the Islamist party PAS.

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