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    SHARE Program Launched to Address the Challenges of Achieving Blood Pressure Goal (1)

    The SHARE program will comprise two key elements:
    - SHARE European Hypertension Survey, created by a European
    steering committee of experts in the field of hypertension treatment,
    to quantify and qualify the key challenges of getting hypertensive
    patients to blood pressure goal, defining the real burden of
    a) The survey consists of approximately 40 questions and will
    take participants 10-15 minutes to complete (
    b) The survey will be open to all European healthcare
    professionals involved in the treatment of patients diagnosed with
    essential hypertension (http://www.SHARE-hypertension.com).
    - SHARE meeting series to debate the challenges of getting to blood
    pressure goal and to postulate simple and effective solutions, which
    will be communicated to the healthcare community, creating the right
    combination for blood pressure control.

    These two elements are interlinked to facilitate SHARE(ing) of best practice and simple, practical solutions. The outputs of the SHARE program are robust peer reviewed publications providing: (1) an overview of key European findings and solutions; (2) reviews of local variations and country best practices; and (3) a set of simple and effective recommendations for use by all European physicians so they can use the right combination to overcome the hurdles which have stopped their Challenging Patients getting to blood pressure goal.

    To access the SHARE Survey, please visit: http://www.SHARE-hypertension.com

    For more information on SHARE and The Challenging Patient, please visit:

    http://www.sevikar.com and http://www.challengingpatient.com


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