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  • 11 de septiembre de 2009

    Shoot&Proof(TM): Application for Certifying Digital Pictures, now Available on iPhone

    Shoot&Proof(TM) in 4 steps
    1 - Users download the application from the App Store
    2 - They take pictures and decide which one they want to certify
    3 - They browse, share and retrieve certified pictures on their iPhone or
    on the web
    4 - They can top up their certified photo credit at any time through the
    App Store (end of September) or by subscribing with Codasystem

    Availability and pricing

    The application is sold at 1.99 USD, which includes the certification of 2 pictures. Moreover, by the end of September, the users will be able to buy extra pictures directly from their app thanks to the exclusive in-app purchase (5,15 or 25 pictures packs).

    About Codasystem

    Founded in 2002, this French small business invented Shoot&Proof(TM) picture certification software and holds a worldwide patent for the technology.

    Shoot&Proof(TM) has received numerous awards (including Top Innovator GSMA, Red Herring 100, Orange Innovation Trophy and Fntc), and is used by world-renowned companies in sectors as varied as construction, insurance, real estate, distribution, merchandising, cleaning, security, engineering and transport.

    http://www.codasystem.com or http://iphone.codasystem.com

    Press contacts: Agence Yucatan, Céline Bernard or Caroline Prince, Tel. +33-(0)1-53-63-27-27, cbernard@yucatan.tm.fr or cprince@yucatan.tm.fr