20 de octubre de 2019
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  • 12 de agosto de 2019

    The Stars Group Reports Second Quarter 2019 Results; Updates 2019 Full Year Guidance; Appoints New Independent Director

    QAUs for the United Kingdom reporting segment (which currently includes the Sky Betting & Gaming business operations only) means active unique customers (online and mobile) who have settled a Stake (as defined below) or made a wager on any betting or gaming product within the applicable quarterly period. The Stars Group defines "active unique customer" for the United Kingdom reporting segment as a customer who played at least once on one of its real-money offerings during the period, and excludes duplicate counting, even if that customer is active across more than one line of operation.

    QNY means combined revenue for its lines of operation (i.e., Poker, Gaming and/or Betting, as applicable) for each reporting segment, excluding Other revenue, as reported during the applicable quarterly period (or as adjusted to the extent any accounting reallocations are made in later periods) divided by the total QAUs during the same period.

    Net Deposits for the International segment means the aggregate of gross deposits or transfer of funds made by customers into their real-money online accounts less withdrawals or transfer of funds by such customers from such accounts, in each case during the applicable quarterly period. Gross deposits exclude (i) any deposits, transfers or other payments made by such customers into The Stars Group's play-money and social gaming offerings, and (ii) any real-money funds (cash and cash equivalents) deposited by The Stars Group into such customers' previously funded accounts as promotions to increase their lifetime value.

    Stakes means betting amounts wagered on The Stars Group's applicable online betting product offerings, and is also an industry term that represents the aggregate amount of funds wagered by customers within the betting line of operation for the period specified.

    Betting Net Win Margin means Betting revenue as a proportion of Stakes.

    The Stars Group is also continuing the process of integrating its recent acquisitions, as applicable, and implementing its recently changed operating and reporting segments, and once complete, The Stars Group may revise or remove currently presented key metrics or report certain additional or other measures in the future.

    For additional information on The Stars Group's key metrics and other data, see the Q2 2019 MD&A, including under the headings "Non-IFRS Measures, Key Metrics and Other Data" and "Segment Results of Operations".