25 de octubre de 2020
25 de septiembre de 2019
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Catalyst Network Gets Green Light at Blockchain Live (2)

-- Built in dotnet Core, The Catalyst Network is cross platform compatible, and will be open to the entire .NET community from launch on Day Zero. This means that if you can programme in C#, C++, F#, Visual Basic or any of the more than 30 .NET languages, you can now develop decentralised software solutions. -- Catalyst will also employ Containerised smart contracts: So, with Catalyst, smart contracts can be directly executed in common container runtime environments like Docker and CoreOS rkt. -- Recognising the importance of interoperability there will also be also be an Ethereum Virtual Machine so that smart contracts written for Ethereum will be compatible with, or deployable on, Catalyst. -- On top of this, the KVM, or Catalyst Virtual Machine, will enable any application to be run in containers and deployed in the Catalyst decentralised framework.

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